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o Explore this website by clicking on different African homes. The photo is of housing in Luderitz, Namibia, next to a vast diamond mine that has enormously enriched De Beer's.













BUY HER WORK - click here - Support effective work done on the tightest budget. Her book Glitter and Greed takes the reader into De Beer's richest mines as a guest of mineworkers. Buy this book before buying a diamond. Read how diamonds certified by the industry as 'clean' are in fact deeply tainted. This well-documented and fascinating book was last year featured on Fox and Friends, CNS and other major TV and radio stations - Also available from here is her griping feature length film, The Diamond Empire, as seen on Frontline, shot on six continents -probably the most international media investigation ever made.

Her very original and thoughtful book on Gender, Sexuality, Religion and Spirituality, 'Seven Days of my Creation', is a personal, honest, humorous and radical reassessment of major elements in our society. It weaves the story of our society's evolving ideas of sex and gender with the rare story of a journalist who, born hermaphrodite, was forced to travel between gender and social roles to find herself - without in any way diminishing her fighting spirit. This book is hard to put down.


Archives - -a small selection starting from when the Web Inquirer first went online in 1995.

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  2. An Update on Mad Cow Disease
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  6. Campaigning for Justice for Aboriginal Australians

  7. Paradise island at War - Alert.

  8. It's worse at Chernobyl than we thought.

  9. A hidden medical crime in Israel

  10. Amnesty International in 1996 Slams Australia for its treatment of Aborigines.

    Next a short true story - an experience I will not forget.

    Heading home for an after dinner massacre.

    Feature Stories from our Library.

  11. The future? A charter for Gender Rights.

  12. "De Beers breaks up families of diamond miners".
  13. Aboriginal Australia - a rich collection

  14. Bonded Slaves - the children who cut your engagement stones.

  15. Armsgate - a suppressed scandal that should have led to Reagan and Bush's downfall.

  16. Shaming Freeport's President at the world's biggest gold mine.

  17. How UK Chief Medical Officer put unborn babies at risk .

  18. A secret war in the South Pacific.

  19. A leading scientist on emerging infections diseases.- with hot links ..More can be found in the Library under the Room for the Vaccine Damaged

  20. How hormone pollutants are distorting life. .

  21. Skin cancer. With hot links.

  22. The fraudulent Epidemic

  23. Gender - the origins of western sexism and what makes one male or female.

  24. Frozen Diamonds, 300,000 caribou and Canadian Indians - the Dene.

  25. The Mad Cow disease - will it strike the USA? plus some background papers
  26. MuckDonalds, the burger-lords.

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