JULY 2004.



The Polio libray now contains a new research document indicating that breast implants can cause Motor Neurone Disease - a new name for an illness once called polio. Also find newly posted a paper showing how mercury and other heavy metals can get into our brains. Heavy metals have been known for over a hundred years to sometimes cause paraytic polio -a disaese that is now also known as Acute Flaccd paraylsis. This renaming happened in order to make the polio vaccine seem successful. The library now includeds a catalogue of some 71 hard-to-find quality documents.

The Middle Eastern page now contains background pieces about Israel and its nuclear weapons - and its casual breaking of many UN Resolutions.The US, by letting Israel keep WDM, makes it much harder to persude other countries in the same region to give up such weapons.Don't think these things will change if Kerry defeats Bush in the coming elections - if the speech that Kerry has just delivered reflects what he would do if he wins. It gave unstinting support to Sharon's policies and showed little sympathy for the Palestinians. He supported the Wall Israel is putting up across Palestinian land, creating a mass prison, - calling it a 'fence'. .

These articles relate also to new contents on our White House page, accessed via the White House Button -- or by clicking here. Particularly note how Bush, as soon as he came to power, vetoed international controls on biochemical weapons being put in place - controls that were backed by most European countries including the UK. See how he since has been developing new illegal WMD weapons - spending more on new illegal nuclear weapons than was spent in the days of the Cold War. The next time you see PERLE interviewed on Newsnight or other programs - check the quotes from his new book here to discover how extremely dangerous he is - more dangerous by far than Bin Laden as he is at the heart of American power - and close to Bush..

June 2004

Added late June - selected highly informative reports on US measures put in place to try to control Iraq after granting her 'independence' -

and very interesting reports on Israel and its nuclear weapons - read what the Islamic press has to say- also read for yourself key leaked Pentagon and Rumsfield documents on torture - and the whole of Bin Laden's important speech in May 2004 - - all this on our Middle Eastern page

Added this month - a major Resource Centre on Polio - with over 70 hard-to-get documents

Also various smaller modifications to website - making things easier to find. I have at last added a email list facility - so people can be told when there are major updates or additions to this website - do sign up. It automatically generates an email to me letting me know your email address - which then gets put on my mail out list. Also added a "Guestbook" where comments can be added, either publicly or privately.

Also added the review of my new investigative book "Glitter and Greed" by The Independent" newspaper - it called the book truly"brilliant" and "enthralling" - much to my delight! It also told of the great difficulties I had in getting it published since it took on rich and important people in the UK (and US). The book tells the story of an investigation that took me around the world, tells of my being smuggled inside major diamond Mines - and which nearly cost me my life. It can be purchased from this website... see the "works for sale button" at top. It reveals the secret diamond wars - how a shipment of enriched uranium was hidden as a diamond shipment - and of how the diamond merchant who was the companion of Jackie Onassis in her later years was linked in secret State Department letters to plots against elected governments.

Also in June - first showing of US version of my diamond film "The Diamond Empire" in a British cinema.

May 2004.

The Polio Papers

are this month published in The Ecologist. I am glad to see how good they look in well-laid out and illustrated print - for no previous article of mine had proved so difficult to write. The editor commissioned it in November last year and I have worked on little else since doing a massive amount of research.. It is massive - some 14,000 words - by far the longest piece I have ever had in a magazine. But the Ecologist editor is enthusiastic about it - believes that it is an extremely important investigation . The Guardian newspaper covered the appearance of the Polio Papers - many other journalists apparently are doing something too.

The work on these papers has been so intense that I have been left exhausted - and came down with an infection in the root of a tooth. Took antibiotics reluctantly for this - it is rare for me to take them as I know that they kill not just the harmful bacteria but also all the good bacteria on which our health depends. But I could think of no other way of saving the tooth. The result was that the antibiotics did their work, they saved the tooth - but the side effect was that they left me feeling utterly fatigued for days and unable to work. I noted that the fatigue set in within half an hour of taking the antibiotics. It also left my immune system weaker - for the first time this year I suffered from flu/hay fever type symptoms.

This has forced me to put off the UK launch of my book on diamonds and human rights - Glitter and Greed. It was to happen next Thursday the 20th. I wish I could clone myself - there is so much to do that I would love there to be three of me.There are also plans to show my diamond film 'The Diamond Empire' in a cinema. I will announce the dates her soon.

New Article on Diamonds. The New Internationalist this month has also published my article calling for new measures to really clean human rights violations out of the diamond trade - the current provisions, known as the Kimberley Process, have seriously misled consumers into thinking diamonds are already guaranteed pure. This is utterly untrue. There is no inspection of any of the major diamond mines for human rights violations - and consequently such violations have persisted. This industry should also be giving Africa a vastly greater share in its profits than it has to date. It has made vast profits, De Beers particularly, at the cost of the impoverishment of Africa.

Iraq see the Middle East page - button at top










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