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After discovering, duiring my research into polio, how household insecticides and other toxins had been fouind to cause the identical paralytic disease, that that numerous viruses had also been found in the same damaged tissues - and that it did not really matter which of these viruses were present, they all were found in clinically identical cases of what was evidently the same disease, infantile paralysis (now more commonly called Acute Flaccid Paralysis) - I started to look also at AIDS and its relationship to HIV. Were the lies told about polio by WHO also true of HIV?

I thought when I started this now on-going investigation into AIDS that HIV was certainly the cause of most cases. After all all the health authorities and WHO agreed on this - as did the BBC reporters and nearly all the media. I was then astonished to discover just how many top scientiests, including Nobel Laureates, thought HIV was not the cause of AIDS. I was also even more amazed to find dissent from leading scientiests over the reliability of the current tests for HIV - with the tests in effect saying that many different illnesses such as leprosy were also seemingly caused by HIV - illnesses which we knew wewe not caused by HIV. Finally I found top scientists even questioning if AIDS could be transmitted by heterosexual sex.

These scientists have maintained their opposition to the current doctrine HIV = AIDS steadfastly for decades now. Their research is published. But the press simply are not listening to it .

I gained a tiny understanding of just what these scientific dissenters are putting up with to maintain their stand when I first let it be known that I too had questions - not that I had made up my mind, just that I felt it was important to listen to both sides. I was immediately 'dumped on' from a great height - told that I was endangering the health of AIDS suffers by questioning this medical doctrine, as I might dissuade some from taking the antiviral medication they needed to prevent their deaths from AIDS. I smelt a wift of the smoke that came from the fires that some centuries ago burnt heretics in Europe.

But what if the dissenters are right? They have alternative hypotheses. They don't deny that many in Africa and elsewhere are suffering from a chronically damaged immune system, or AIDS (Acquired Immunesystem Deficiency Syndrome) - just over what causes this. In Africa this could be poverty, stress from the many wars, exploitation, new pesticides and chemical provocation - these all can damage the immune system. If they are right - this is what we should be spending the money on allieviating - not on the immensely high cost of Western medical expertts and research.

In Euope and America although AIDS was predicted to cause the death of millions, these expected epidemics have not happened. Nor is AIDS in fact causing deaths among many heterosexuals. Instead a strong correlation still exists between drug abuse, toxins such as poppers and cases of AIDS. The alternative theory for AIDS in the West suggests that the use of these drugs, and possibly exposure to other environmental toxins, causes damage to the vital energy-producing systems within our cells, vitall Iy weakening us, exposing us to dangers that our bodies would normally easily deal with. It could also be that the proteins that 'HIV Tests' detect are not signs of HIV's presence within us but signs of toxic damage to our cells. These proteins do seem to be associated with such damage - but have never been photographed in place as parts of a viable retrovirus. Other such viruses have been photographed through electron microscopy, so it is immensely puzzling that the HIV virus has not been. It is not that it is very small. It is supposed to be four to five times bigger than the polio virus and it has been photographed and properly isolated in a way that has never happened with HIV.

But this is still for me on-going research. In the meantime, I keep an open mind on what is causing AIDS. Perhaps the best I can do is to advise people to read the dissenting scientific opinions, educate themselves -and form their own conclusions.

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I will do my best to post more up here later. Janine Roberts